Parish Council Roles and Responsibilities

The Parish Council is made up of 13 Councillors, supported by a Parish Clerk.

 Kemsing Parish Council is the third tier of local government and is the closest to the people it serves. It has many statutory powers, including provision of recreation areas and allotments, and is consulted by and can comment to the Sevenoaks District Council and Kent County Council.
Decisions taken by the Council affect our environment, safety and enjoyment. Most importantly, councillors live in the parish and seek to serve the local people. The Council welcomes the public to its meetings during which a time is set aside for questions, so please come along the St. Edith Hall.
The Parish Council owns the land known as the “Kemsing Down Nature Reserve”, which consists of mixed woodland and chalk grassland (Shorehill Wood) and predominantly chalk grassland (Shorehill Down & Whiteleaf Down, Haffenden Field, Green Hill & The Dell). 
The Committee is responsible for the Nature Reserve, but day-to-day management is arranged by a Joint Management Committee, consisting of Members of both the Parish and District Councils. 
As well as The Nature Reserve, the Downland Management Committee looks after the historic
St. Edith Well & War Memorial area, as well as the Jubilee Green.
The Finance Committee meets in December to decide on the Council’s revised estimates for income and expenditure for the remainder of the financial year (which is 1st April to 31st March) and to forecast the Council’s budget for the next financial year, so that the precept can be set. 
It also meets in May each year to approve the end of year accounts
in readiness for the Annual Audit.
As a Statutory consultee, it is the responsibility of the planning committee to receive planning applications from Sevenoaks District Council, the local Planning Authority.
In reviewing such applications its purpose is to ensure that they meet with current planning law and satisfy local and County structure plans.
The committee may also comment on matters of local concern including infrastructure and matters relating to the essential character of the village.
The committee meets on alternate Monday evenings at St. Edith Hall and all meetings are open to the public. Notification of meetings and Agenda are published in advance and posted on notice boards in the village Library and at St. Edith Hall, together with the minutes of previous meetings. 
 The Parish Council Trustees look after the Common Field Recreation Ground, between Church Lane and Heaverham Road, where formal sports are played. The Nightingale Open Space & Recreation Area is also owned by the Parish Council. 
Both Recreation Grounds have fenced play areas, with play equipment for the younger children. 
The Barnfield Crescent Open Space is also owned by the Parish Council who arrange for the maintenance thereof.
The Committee looks after the village car park, public conveniences, open space at Fairfield Close and litter collections and bins located on land owned by the Parish Council.